Friday, August 16, 2019

Student Lab Sheet: Paper Chair Challenge.

Today we were  given a challenge to build a chair  out of paper that could hold a teddy bear.
First we had to look for a chair and a design

Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Thursday, June 20, 2019

WALT write a persuasive text about recyclin

 Why we need to Recycle

       If you don’t Recycle this is what is going to happen to our sea and earth.

Firstly why we need to recycle because did you know that you need 24 trees just to make one tonne of paper. Plastic and rubbish from the oceans around the world kill more than one million fish and other sea creatures every year.

Secondly why we need to recycle because if you recycle just one tonne of paper it can save 17 trees and if you recycle a gloss of bottle it can save 20% of air pollution do you want to save the earth?.
Start recycling today!

You must help save the earth. You don't know what is still going on in our planet here is the worst part about this do you know what a landfill is? Well a landfill is a hole in the ground full of peoples rubbish and then it rots which makes a gas called methane this is a poisonous gas to breathe and it effects global warming and it is making it hot .

Did you know that if you throw away a plastic bottle it will decompose in 500 years an interesting fact did you know that a recycle can has enough energy to power up a TV in three hours.

In Conclusion do you want the earth to live? Do you want this problem to go away? Then be a hero and reduce reuse recycle.

Spelling Week 4

Write these words into your homework book  practise them every night $5.00 for 100%
sow                                 turnip                            vine                   depart
grain                               straw                            wine                   travel
wheat                             claw                               grape                 return
pea                                 drawing                          field                  remain

Word hunt  which words in the list have these smaller words inside them.

  Train________Grain______________                  7.  Eat____Wheat______________________

      2.      Wing____Drawing___________________                 8.  Part______Depart___________________

      3.      Main___Remain_____________________                 9.   Rave____Travel____________________

      4.      Ape_____Grape____________________                10.  Raw_____Straw____________________

     5.       Nip__________Turnip_______________                  11.  Win______Wine____________________

     6.       Law____________Claw______________

Word maker Use sounds from the list to complete the words below.

 Claw     (a bird’s toe nails) 

      2.    Straw (dried stems of cereal)

      3.     Drawing     (a picture)

       4.    Return          (to come back)

       5.    Remain      (to stay)